July 19, 2024

High growth market. Melting pot population. Thirst for local news. These characteristics of Maricopa were Scott Bartle’s call to action when he founded InMaricopa 20 years ago. With 100,000 more residents than Maricopa in ’04, Buckeye has the numbers — but it’s still yearning for news/information hub to call its own. With their hyperlocal focus and commitment to community, Scott and Vincent Manfredi are leveraging decades of experience to fill the void and light the path to a more well-informed tomorrow.


Vincent Manfredi

Advertising Director

Erin Kuiper - General Manager

Erin Kuiper

General Manager

Tawni Proctor

Tawni Proctor

Client Services Administrator


Inform readers/viewers.

Enrich advertisers.


  • Integrity.
  • Accountability.
  • Open, honest, real-time communication.
  • Prosperity for clients, community, company.


We believe in:

  • An informed citizenry.
  • Holding ourselves and others accountable.
  • The success of deserving businesses.