Blue Polymers LLC, a leader in sustainable packaging solutions, has announced exciting plans to open its second recycled plastics production facility in Buckeye, Arizona. This move marks a significant step forward in the company’s efforts to promote plastic circularity and enhance sustainable packaging practices. Set to open in the latter half of 2025, the 162,000-square-foot facility is expected to generate over 60 permanent jobs for the local community.

This new facility in Buckeye will join another recently announced location in Indianapolis, contributing to Blue Polymers’ growing network of regional production centers dedicated to recycling plastics. These facilities are strategically designed to process large amounts of recycled polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), commonly used in household products like milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, margarine tubs, and yogurt containers.

The focus at these facilities will be on transforming these recycled materials into high-quality, sustainable products suitable for various packaging needs. This initiative supports the environment and meets the rising demand for domestically sourced recycled plastics. Many consumer-packaged goods companies are now prioritizing including recycled content in their packaging designs, in response to new regulations in five states that set minimum recycled content standards for single-use packaging.

The new Republic Services Inc. Polymer Center in Las Vegas will produce rPET, HDPE and PP for use in sustainable packaging.
The new Republic Services Inc. Polymer Center in Las Vegas will produce rPET, HDPE and PP for use in sustainable packaging.

Supporting this network, Phoenix-based Republic Services, a partner in this venture, is concurrently developing Polymer Centers. These centers specialize in sorting recycled plastics from curbside collections into high-quality, color-sorted feedstock. Each Polymer Center, including one in Las Vegas that began operations in late 2023, will directly supply the Buckeye facility, ensuring a consistent and sustainable supply of raw materials.

With an ambitious annual production target of over 300 million pounds of recycled resins, Blue Polymers is poised to play a crucial role in achieving package-to-package circularity, where used plastic packaging is recycled into new, high-quality packaging materials.

This development not only boosts the local economy by creating new jobs but also reinforces the importance of sustainable practices in the plastics industry, making it a win-win for the environment and the community of Buckeye, Arizona. Keep an eye on this project as it progresses, as it promises to be a key player in the movement towards a more sustainable future.

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