As we forge into 2024 and beyond, I wanted to share some insights from a recent article titled “What Your Future Employees Want Most” by Tim Minahan. In the article, Tim dives into the evolving workforce landscape and key desires of employees.

The article highlighted three pivotal priorities for talent management:

1. Flexibility – Future employees seek flexibility in scheduling, locations and work models. Meeting employees where they are is essential as employers seek to position themselves for future success.
2. A reinterpretation of how productivity is measured – Looking at metrics and value of contribution will be important to not only to attract but sustain future talent.
3. Diversity – A prioritization of diversity is critical. Look to build a team that is measurable, targeted and impactful.

As always if you have questions or need assistance with any of these concepts feel free to reach out to me.

Brian Wright
Economic Development Business Manager
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