July 19, 2024

Buckeye works to update transportation master plan

Buckeye Updating its Transportation Master Plan

The City of Buckeye has announced plans to work towards an update to its Transportation Master Plan (TMP), a crucial framework for developing a comprehensive transportation network in response to the city’s recent growth.

Following the completion of the previous TMP in 2019, which aligned with the Imagine Buckeye 2040 General Plan, Buckeye has seen substantial population increases and new business developments. To address these changes and recent investments in transportation infrastructure, the city is revising the TMP to ensure the network can support future needs and ongoing growth.

Key aspects of the updated TMP include:

  • Assessment of Current Facilities: Evaluating existing street, freight, and active transportation infrastructure.
  • Future Planning: Identifying facilities required to meet the needs of the expanding community.
  • Project Prioritisation: Determining and prioritising projects for construction, along with cost estimates.
  • Funding and Partnerships: Exploring funding opportunities and potential partnerships for implementation.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to provide input on transportation priorities through a brief survey at buckeyeaz.gov/tmp. Feedback will play a vital role in shaping Buckeye's transportation future.

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