Upcoming Planning & Zoning Case: A Comprehensive Overview for 520,000 square feet of one-story retail, grocery and entertainment buildings


Community Master Plan Approval


  1. Conformance with General Plan The City of Buckeye Imagine Buckeye 2040 General Plan designates this property as a Master Planned Community. Verrado is developing consistent with this general plan designation.
  2. Land Use The property is zoned as a Planned Community and is governed by a Community Master Plan Zoning Overlay District, known as the Verrado CMP, which was adopted in 1999 along with a development agreement. The Verrado CMP spans 8,816 acres and includes seven Planning Units with densities ranging from 0 to 35 dwelling units per acre (du/ac). It encompasses commercial sites allowing neighborhood retail, office space, major retail, public facilities, and more.
  3. Master Plan Land Use Budget The approved Master Plan Land Use Budget permits a total of 14,080 residential units, 1,000 resort rooms, and 4,234,550 square feet of commercial/mixed-use space. This application adheres to all requirements of the approved Verrado CMP. The proposed site plan aligns with the Verrado CMP and is generally consistent with the required Planning Unit Environmental Design Plans. This site plan, part of Parcel E, is within Planning Unit I and belongs to the Marketside Character District within the Verrado CMP. The Marketside District is designed for a mix of commercial and residential uses.
  4. Building Elevations and Landscape Plans The building elevations and landscape plans were approved by the developer, DMB, who holds design authority according to the Verrado CMP. The developer, in collaboration with architect Nelsen Partners and landscape architect Dig Studio, aims to create “a destination experience through its retail, restaurant, open gathering spaces, and entertainment spaces.” The Verrado Marketplace continues the “modern-agrarian” theme planned for this district, reflected in both building and landscape architecture. Detailed planning facilitates streamlined approval for future pad sites substantially conforming to the approved document.
  5. Verrado CMP Land Use Designation
    • Commercial/Mixed Use, High Maximum Height: Proposed 6-stories or 84’.
    • Minimum Open Space: 5%; Proposed: 7.9%.
    • Perimeter Setback: 0’; Proposed: 20’.
  6. Circulation All street widths and designs comply with the approved Verrado CMP, Master Circulation Plan, and updated Planning Unit Circulation and Streets Plan. The City Engineer and Fire Department have approved the proposed private internal driveways, fire lanes, and street sections. Vehicular access to the proposed site plan is primarily from Verrado Way and McDowell Road.
  7. Fire Protection Construction of an additional lane on Verrado Way and adding lanes to expand McDowell Road eastward is part of the off-site improvements for this project. The subject property will be served by the City of Buckeye, with the closest fire station being Fire Station 3 at 2582 N Verrado Way within the Verrado Master Planned Community. Additionally, a future fire station is planned at the northwest corner of Indian School Road and Park Street. The fire department has reviewed and approved the site plan with conditions.
  8. Landscaping All final landscaping will be reviewed and approved per the Verrado CMP. A detailed plan for the entire development site has been approved by DMB in line with the Planning Unit Environmental Design Plan (PUEDP), which guides the character of the Marketside District. The site plan maintains the modern agrarian theme, consistent with the architectural theming of the Marketside District.
  9. Infrastructure
    • Water: EPCOR Water Company will provide water services. Existing water lines are present in both Verrado Way and McDowell Road.
    • Sewer: EPCOR Water Company provides sewer services. An existing 15-inch sewer line is located at the south property line, leading to a lift station at Tuthill Wash.

Recommendation by City Staff

Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission motion for approval with conditions a-w, based on the following reasons:


  1. Development Conformance
    • The development must generally conform to the site plan titled “Verrado Marketplace,” dated May 15, 2024, except as modified by the stipulated conditions.
    • The landscape plan titled “Verrado Marketplace” dated May 15, 2024, must be adhered to, except as modified by stipulated conditions.
    • Development must conform to the attached “Verrado Marketplace DMB Elevations.”
  2. Utilities and Infrastructure
    • All existing overhead power lines less than 69 kV capacity, or any other overhead utilities within the project area, must be installed underground.
    • Development is responsible for designing and constructing the 4th lane northbound along Verrado Way, complying with the Public Infrastructure Reimbursement Agreement (PIRA).
  3. Drainage
    • Proposed drainage outfall into Tuthill Wash requires Maricopa County Flood Control review and approval.
  4. Streets and Circulation
    • The property owner/developer is responsible for the dedication and construction of all half-street right-of-way and improvements.
    • A Traffic Impact Analysis must be submitted and approved before any building permits.
  5. Water/Wastewater
    • If required by the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), a Certificate of Assured Water Supply must be produced before Final Plat approval.
  6. Fire
    • WB-50 turning movements must be depicted in the building plan set and reviewed by the City of Buckeye Fire Marshal.




Verrado Marketplace Site Plan [City of Buckeye]
Verrado Marketplace Site Plan [City of Buckeye]

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