July 19, 2024

Residents concerned over 2-question Transportation Master Plan survey, city responds

The City of Buckeye announced on June 26 that it is updating the Transportation Master Plan to account for population and business growth. The last TMP was completed in 2019 with the Imagine Buckeye 2040 General Plan. In an effort to garner community feedback, the city released a two-question online survey which some residents have expressed concern about.

“To address these evolving dynamics and recent transportation infrastructure investments, the city is revising the TMP to ensure our network meets future needs and supports continued growth,” the press release reads. 

According to the release, the updated TMP aims to cover the following:

  • Assessing current facilities
  • Identifying future growth needed to accommodate the growing city
  • Assessing which projects to prioritize and creating cost estimates
  • Explore funding and partnership options

The two-question survey was shared with residents in an email and on social media.

“The survey is the big thing that is our outreach to the community,” Public Information Officer John O’Halloran said today. “That’s how we find out what they want to see when it comes to the Transportation Master Plan so as many responses as we can get, that helps us in the long run.”

The two questions are pictured below:


[City of Buckeye]
[City of Buckeye]

Residents have voiced concerns that the survey does not allow them to give an adequate response. Many took to social media in comments to explain why they chose which survey option they did because the survey did not have a write-in space option to do so.

“I took the survey but it doesn’t address my concerns so it wasn’t a good survey,” Deanna Moore Moreno commented on Facebook. “Ask the people who live in Buckeye 24/7 what they want. The first thing I want, and many others, is for Monroe Avenue to be changed back the way it was!”

“Great survey, they should really let people write a response about what we all think of all this building and closing down roads and not even expanding them and then having to reclose them at some point to do it later,” Toni Marie Pittsley wrote.

O’Halloran said residents who wish to add information to their responses on the survey can do so by emailing him at [email protected]. When asked about the response from residents on social media, he said the city may modify the survey to allow for a write-in option. Until then, he encourages residents who have already or are currently taking the survey to email him if they have any additional comments or details regarding their responses.

The survey is expected to stay open for approximately one month, O’Halloran said. If there are not enough respondents to provide adequate data at that time, the survey may be extended.

“We appreciate the community feedback and want to work with the community and stakeholders to get the Transportation Master Plan right,” he said. “We want to do right by the community and really just make it work for everybody.”

The survey can be taken here.

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