July 19, 2024

Monroe Ave. restriping project in downtown Buckeye

Future Vision of Monroe Ave.

Downtown Buckeye is evolving into a dynamic hub of activity and community engagement. The charming buildings, cozy cafes, and family-owned businesses that define downtown Buckeye are set to be joined by several new housing options and businesses over the next few years, promising even more activity in the area.

To maintain the unique charm and support the many specialty businesses and restaurants in downtown Buckeye, the city is working to make the area more pedestrian-friendly while maximizing parking. These efforts aim to make it easier and safer for residents and visitors to access local businesses, enhancing the quality of life for those who call this area home.

Crews began phase one of the Monroe Avenue restriping project on June 3. This project will reduce Monroe Avenue from its current four-lane configuration to a two-lane road spanning from Miller Road to Narramore Avenue.

This project marks the first step in implementing the City Council-approved Downtown Area Specific Plan. The plan aims to transform downtown Buckeye into a welcoming space for everyone, fostering community belonging and encouraging economic growth.

Map of the discussed area of Monroe Ave. [City of Buckeye]
Map of the discussed area of Monroe Ave. [City of Buckeye]

Project Details - Phase One

Phase one of the project involves restriping Monroe Avenue between Miller Road and Narramore Avenue. While the street's width will remain the same, the number of through-traffic lanes will be reduced from four to two. Designated left turn lanes will be added at all traffic signals.

The newly available space will be converted into parallel parking spaces in front of all businesses, increasing parking options and creating a pedestrian buffer from the street.

Most work will be conducted overnight to minimize disruptions during regular business hours. Work hours are scheduled from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. Construction barricades will be in place throughout the project and will shift regularly to redirect traffic away from work zones. A designated truck route is being established to reduce 18-wheeler traffic in this pedestrian-friendly area.

Monroe Avenue will feature new parallel parking spaces from Miller Road to Narramore Avenue when phase one is completed, anticipated by late July or August. The speed limit will also be reduced from 30 to 25 mph, with the Buckeye Elementary School zone speed limit decreasing to 15 mph.

Phase One Timeline

  • Phase 1: Complete - Remove a layer of asphalt and current pavement marking and seal cracks
  • Phase 2: June 7 - Seal coat street (5 to 8 days)
  • Phase 3: June 18 - Repaint pavement markings (30 days, including curing time for thermal paint)
  • Phase 4: July 13 - Crosswalk work (4 to 5 days)
Truck route away from Monroe Ave. [City of Buckeye]
Truck route away from Monroe Ave. [City of Buckeye]

Truck Route

To enhance pedestrian safety, a new designated truck route is being established to reduce the number of 18-wheelers using Monroe Avenue as a bypass to I-10. Only local delivery semi-trucks will be permitted on Monroe Avenue. The city has received positive feedback from local distribution companies regarding this change.

Phase Two

Parklets are outdoor seating platforms, transforming parking spaces into inviting communal areas.
Parklets are outdoor seating platforms, transforming parking spaces into inviting communal areas. [City of Buckeye]
Phase two of the project will introduce parklets in front of local businesses, transforming parking spaces into inviting communal areas with outdoor seating.

The city collaborates with local businesses and residents to plan and install these parklets. Dates for phase two have not been set yet.

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  1. Whats baffling is how it feels the council either gave no consideration to, or is completely naive to the fact that Arizona no longer tests for parallel parking for your DL. This is a terrible idea for a road that has a good amount of traffic from the schools nearby. When this completes, August will be a mess.

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