In 1877, Thomas Newt Clanton, along with six men, three women, and ten children, left their homes in Creston, Iowa, and set out for Arizona. Clanton, who was dealing with health issues, hoped that the climate in Arizona would improve his condition.

The Iowans eventually settled in what would become the town of Buckeye.

The year 1884 marked a significant turning point in Buckeye’s history with the construction of the Buckeye Canal, a monumental project led by Malin Monroe Jackson, Joshua L. Spain, and Henry Mitchell. This canal, named in honor of Jackson’s home state of Ohio, also known as the ‘Buckeye State,’ played a pivotal role in the town’s development.

The completion of the Buckeye Canal in 1887, with Jackson contributing to its ten-mile length, was a moment of great pride for the community. In the same year, Jackson applied for a post office for the growing town, and in 1888, the United States Postal Service approved his request. The post office, a symbol of the town’s progress, was named ‘Buckeye’ in honor of the new canal, a testament to the community’s pride in their achievements.

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