July 20, 2024

Buckeye Chamber of Commerce hosts candidate forum

Buckeye Chamber of Commerce hosts candidate forum

The Buckeye Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a highly anticipated candidate forum on Thursday, June 13 from 5:30 to 8:30. The event will be moderated by Mike Huckins and promises to provide valuable insights into the visions and policies of various candidates vying for key positions in upcoming elections.

The forum offers a platform for the candidates to articulate their policies, answer questions, and engage with the community. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively and take this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the candidates’ positions on various issues impacting Buckeye.

If you are looking to make informed decisions in the upcoming elections this is way to do it.

Featured participants:

Mayor of Buckeye: Eric Orsborn will be presenting his plans and accomplishments.

Legislative District 23:

House: Unfortunately, no candidates from this race responded to the invitation to the candidate forum.


Brian Fernandez (attendance uncertain)

Jesus Arnulfo Lugo, Jr.

Michelle Altherr

James "Jimmy" Holmes

Legislative District 25:


Michael Carbone

Nick Kupper

Gary Garcia Snyder (attendance uncertain)

Steve Markegard

Bill Olear


Tim Dunn (attendance uncertain)

Corporation Commission:

Lea Marquez Peterson

Rachel Warden

Maricopa County Supervisor:

District 4:

Dr. Bob Branch will be in attendance. Notably, Debbie Lesko spoke at a previous event on May 27.

District 5:

Neither candidate responded to invitations for this candidate forum.

In addition to the candidate discussions, the forum will feature special segments on key propositions:

Prop 479: Ed Zuecher will be discussing this proposition alongside Mayor Orsborn.

Prop 486: Tom Nerini has been invited to speak on this matter concerning the Maricopa County Community College.

Make sure to attend and have your voice heard in shaping the future of our community.


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