July 19, 2024

QuikTrip coming to Van Buren and Sun Valley

Buckeye is slated for its third QuikTrip at the southwest corner of West Van Buren Street and North Sun Valley Parkway.

Public Information Officer John O’Halloran said today the location has been designated for the new QuikTrip, however, the city has not yet been given a construction timeline. The project is in preliminary phases. QuikTrip has not yet released details to the public on the new location. Calls to the corporation’s media contact requesting any available details have not yet been returned.

[Grow Buckeye, City of Buckeye]
O’Halloran said the development is very recent, within the past couple of months, but that the gas station is highly anticipated for residents in that area which includes the West Phoenix Estates and Sweetwater Estates. There are currently no gas stations in that Interstate 10 and State Route 85 corridor with the closest being off the Miller Road exit to the east or Hassayampa Road exit to the west on I-10, according to Google Maps.

“I know people out there are really excited about it,” O’Halloran said.

The new QuickTrip location in relation to current gas stations in Buckeye. [Google Maps. Graphic by Hanna Ghabhain]
QuikTrip’s two current locations in Buckeye are at 850 S. Miller Rd. and 900 S. Watson Rd. Both provide fuel and convenience store services.'


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  1. My understanding was that one new Quick Trip is going to be on Sun Vally Parkway close to the Tortesso community. We need one desperately.

  2. I thought we were getting a QT at Yuma and Cotton Lane!!?? It is very much needed there,, we have nothing as a back up, when Frys or Safeway are to far to go to when u nd a qwik item or 2!!
    Thank you

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